Sam Arch

PhD Student @ CMU

About Me

Hi, I'm Sam, a first-year PhD student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University.

I am advised by Prof. Andy Pavlo and Prof. Todd Mowry.

My research explores how compilation techniques can improve database system performance.

I earned my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering from The University of Sydney.

During my time there, I worked with Prof. Bernhard Scholz on automatic index selection and automatic join optimization for Soufflé.

I also worked as a Compiler Engineer at Apple, where I helped ship Metal accelerated GPU rendering in Blender 3.1.


  • Building a Join Optimizer for Soufflé [pdf]
    Samuel Arch, Xiaowen Hu, David Zhao, Pavle Subotić, Bernhard Scholz
    Logic-Based Program Synthesis and Transformation. September 2022.

  • Automatic Index Selection for Inequalities [pdf]
    Samuel Arch
    Honours Thesis, The University of Sydney. November 2020.
    Awarded Honours Class I and the University Medal

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